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To the stranger sitting on the sidewalk

Actualizado: 14 mar 2022

I guess you don’t remember me, I saw you just twice, however you saw me just once I think.

I don’t know what your circumstances were or why you were sitting outside on a cold night like that, but I just want you to know that you are not alone, even if you felt like that, you are never alone.

I wanted to ask so many questions, I wanted to stay with you for a while at least, but I didn’t know how to approach you, I didn’t know how to start a conversation with you. By moment I decided I would stop by and keep you company for a minute, you were gone, and I never got to see you again.

I still think about you for some curious reason, your soul really got my attention. I wish I would have had more money in my pockets that day to give it all to you… I wish I would have gotten the chance to talk with you and hear your voice for a bit longer than just a short “thank you”.

I didn’t want to bother you, you know, I guess I am that foolish. From all the people sitting there, you looked so sad and that broke my heart. I couldn’t help but go to my hotel room and cry.

The sadness and loneliness in your eyes; I couldn’t handle it. Your voice replying to the lady asking you questions… I could not hear the answers even when I wanted to listen. The only thing I was able to hear was the pain in your voice and for some reason that totally broke me.

I cried because I wanted to rescue you, I cried because I didn’t know how. I felt I was useless because there was nothing that I could do but cry.

I was scared so I did nothing. I was trembling while I tried to figure out what to do and all I got was frustrated for doing nothing. I was too scared to go back, I didn’t know what to say or if you would get offended. I often don’t know how to express myself and people are always taking my words the wrong way and misunderstanding my intentions.

I apologize because I let myself get carried by all those stupid thoughts and I ended up doing nothing for you.

I wanted to…

I am just a coward…

I smiled at you not because I felt pity but because I was happy to see you again. If I would have known that was the last time…

I know I should have just quieted my mind and done the things my heart was pleading with me to do, but I am still learning, and I still let my fears decide sometimes.

From the bottom of my heart, I hope you are okay; I would love to know that your life is better now, I guess I will never know but wherever you are, I am sending you my best wishes and all the happiness I know you deserve.

To the sad man sitting outside the Stratford station on a cold spring night, I hope someday you read this and know that this is for you.

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