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Pieces of a whole

I took the broken parts, all the small and big grayed pieces spread all over and around the floor. I found the missing parts; not everything was just there waiting to be found, some pieces were purposefully hidden. Gray pieces hiding in the dark are not easy to catch, but I did what it took to find all of them until I had even the smallest bit.

Once all the fragments were gathered in a more lit-up place, the work was not even halfway done, it also took a long time to put all of it back together. Piece by piece, I had to find the matching sections as in a puzzle, putting some parts aside for a moment and then taking it back to fit it in the structure.

When it was all set and finished, I was flooded with happiness for all the work I had been able to do by myself. Then I noticed that even if all the once broken and spread-about pieces where whole again, it still had cracks throughout. So, I had a great idea, what if I painted it? Ultimately it didn´t look complete, being all gray.

Then, I went everywhere looking for the colors I needed. It had to be colorful and shiny because even with the cracks on it, this piece of art was beautiful after all. Imagine how it would look if I could hide its flaws? So, I bought a fantastic sky-blue ink, also gold and pink, a little bit of white and a glam purple. An orange that mimicked the sunrise and a green as shiny as an emerald gemstone. All kinds of stunning colors were perfectly combined to highlight its beauty.

When everything was done, I observed the finished masterpiece, and I was pleased. However, I noticed how the cracks where still visible. I tried my best painting it just to hide them, trying to make it perfect, but such was not the end result. There were still flaws on its structure and I was running out of ideas on how to fix them. I thought, maybe if I cover it with fabric? Could silk work? It is translucent enough to let see through.

But then I suddenly had a feeling, what if the cracks are its real beauty? My hardest effort with this work was putting all the pieces together, why would I want to hide it now?

And after the back and forth in my mind, the piece of art remained uncovered, beautifully colored painted and now as a whole.

Sometimes I wake up feeling that I should use the silk anyhow and hide the truth behind something once broken, but then I remember how hard it was to put it all back together and that way I’m reminded of the authentic beauty in my one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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